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A-10 Thunderbolt II

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BRRRRRT!!! Presenting the famous A-10 Thunderbolt II, the plane built around a cannon, modeled in LEGO bricks. Features:

  • accurate styling and proportions to that of the real plane
  • detailed cockpit interior with flight controls
  • model-accurate front 30MM off-center cannon and housing
  • folding front and rear landing gear that fold flush into the body
  • fully-modeled engines with removable cowlings for a peek-a-boo view inside
  • fully detailed, brick-built turbofan jets in each engine
  • ten (!) hardpoint mounts and brick-built armaments, including missiles, bombs, guns and more
  • adjustable wing flaps (4 per wing!)
  • integrated Pitot tube on the right wing
  • detachable Pave Penny targeting system
  • detachable ladder for minifig entry
  • accurately-modeled drooping winglets with wing lights
  • adjustable rear vertical rudders and horizontal elevators on the empennage (rear tail assembly)
  • strong, stable and resilient – built to LEGO design standards using standard connections and parts placement to ensure a strong model perfect for display
  • stylish display stand to showcase the model in flight
  • decal ready – designed with decals in mind, and no STAMPS (stickers over multiple parts). Note: no stickers or decals are included

Focus was given to the accuracy, strength and display-ability of the model, although portions of the model may be connected in limited ways, so it is best to be simply displayed versus played with. The product includes a full-color, encrypted PDF of the digital model and importable XML parts list (in txt format). No bricks are included, but can be acquired from LEGO directly or other sources such as or similar. No stickers are included; any renders that contain decals or other non-printed brick pieces are simply for design modeling purposes are are not included with the design files.

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