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UCS Outland Tie Fighter


Join Moff Gideon and other New Republic commanders with your very own UCS Outland Tie Fighter! Fly or land in style and avoid the necessity to rely on dedicated hangars, extending the range and utility of this integral fighter.

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Based on the LEGO UCS Tie Fighter 75095, this MOC includes an all-new and custom wing design to mimic the Outland version as seen in the new Mandalorian series. Various adjustments have been made to the fuselage to streamline the look, add additional visual accuracy (especially on the ion engines), and to provide added attachment security. A large proportion of the original segments, including the 75095 stand attachment have been retained for continued display ability.

The wings hinge from 4 modified plates with pin-holes that are attached via modified bricks with studs on the sides, which will allow for enough friction to keep the wings from ‘flopping’ and the use of ingots on the wing face keep them from folding all the way in. Overall dimensions from the original have changed just a bit: the height remains nearly the same, however, more accurate wing dimensions are present in this MOC, extending the width of the wings on account of use of 3 x 6 wedge plates in lieu of the original’s 2 x 4 wedge plates.

The legs have been designed to integrate directly into the body with the removal of two 1 x 1 ‘cheese wedge’ slopes on the front and one 1 x 2 slope on the back, to allow display in either flying mode (using the UCS stand) or landed mode with the 3 leg attachments.

Now for the disclaimers:

  • I have NOT built this model physically, your mileage may vary
  • This product is a digital file only, no physical Lego bricks are provided
  • Parts, part availability and the file are subject to change and can only be used with programs/services that can read such a file. No translations will be provided
  • No instructions have been developed; the digital model allows for interactive building, adjustment, etc.

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