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DMC Delorean BTTF


This sucker is electrical! Bring back your fond memories of one of the greatest silver screen vehicles with this custom-designed, detail-packed LEGO model that will have you saying ‘Great Scott!’ with every piece.

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Finally, a true UCS-level Lego Delorean in all the awesome, fan-favorite Back to the Future livery.  This model has been excruciatingly created to showcase all the various unique features of both the famed DMC-12 Delorean and all the screen-accurate details, including:

  • a true-to-life ‘wishbone’ chassis that also allows separation of the body, engine and wheels for a component-level build
  • true-to-life, removeable engine, slotted directly into the chassis
  • opening hood and gullwing doors
  • folding wheels to convert to flying mode! These are a unique design that allow the wheels to pivot and fold in-place, without sticking out too far sideways or underneath the carriage.
  • removable bucket seats
  • detailed interior with time circuit controls, flux capacitor and all the other screen-accurate internal greebling
  • detailed exterior featuring Mr. Fusion that folds out to reveal the combustion chamber that sits atop a removable plate
  • a wrap-around ‘energy beam’ that is screen-accurate flat-silver vs the usual ‘white’ you see on other models (and that hugs the model perfectly without adding plates of bulk or hinges to do so)
  • a stud-less exterior (excluding those used for hose connections)
  • only existing-color parts are used in the design, ensuring the set can actually be built using authentic Lego bricks. Note: I haven’t accounted for, or limited use of, rare or expensive pieces in the design

The focus for this build was on being as screen-accurate as possible, while maintaining as many functions and features as possible and balancing build strength for robust play and display capability.

Now for the disclaimers:

  • I have NOT built this model physically, your mileage may vary
  • This product is a digital file only, no physical Lego bricks are provided
  • Parts, part availability and the file are subject to change and can only be used with programs/services that can read such a file. No translations will be provided
  • No instructions have been developed; the digital model allows for interactive building, adjustment, etc.

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