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Wild West Delorean Time Machine

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The famous DeLorean DMC-12, converted to the well-known old fashion time machine, featuring:

  • accurate styling and coloring to the real model, including double wishbone chassis, center console, adjustable steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter, pedals, reclined seats.
  • movie-accurate styling of time circuit controls, flux capacitor, lights and control panels, exhausts, engine cowling, electrical cabling, ‘energy bar’ wrap (only 1 tile thick!), engine piping and all the extra greebling.
  • hood ‘box’ displays dials, bulbs bars and wires.
  • fusion-reactor ‘cover’ that folds out to reveal original classic time-engine manifold.
  • swap out to simulated train wheels and ‘pull bar’ for another authentic view.
  • authentic wheels, opening hood, spare tire cover, console, engine compartment, and gullwing doors.
  • folding wheels for ‘flying mode’, including trans-blue wheel ‘covers’ to simulate the wheel thrusters.
  • separate removable modules, including chassis, seats, spare tire, engine and doors, engine cowling, exhausts
  • an all ‘legal’ design, with no stressed parts or fragile placements.
  • a 100% stud-less exterior.

Focus was given to the accuracy, strength and playability of the model. The product includes a full-color encrypted PDF of the digital model and importable XML parts list (in txt format). No bricks are included, but can be acquired from LEGO directly or other sources such as or similar. Two 1 x 4 tiles on the roof would need to be removed for smooth door operation, however, with clips, the door and can unclipped and clipped in the open position. Alternatively, hinge plates can be used in lieu of clips and bars to set static opening angles.

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