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The Bubble Ship

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Completely redesigned from the ground up, the cult-classic design captured in brick-form! Featuring:

  • movie-accurate styling
  • rotatable engines
  • folding landing gear for ‘flying’ mode
  • dual-seat, minifig-sized cockpit. Note: no minifigs or motorcycle are included in the instructions
  • an elegant display stand to showcase the model in flight, or display without it
  • an all ‘legal’ design, with no stressed parts or fragile placements.
  • leverages only color-locked parts for immediate building availability (e.g. does not ‘render’ parts in colors that LEGO did not produce)
  • decal ready – designed with decals in mind, and no STAMPS (stickers over multiple parts). Note: no stickers or decals are included

Focus was given to the accuracy, strength and display-ability of the model, although portions of the model may be connected in limited ways, so it is best to be simply displayed versus played with. The product includes a full-color, encrypted PDF of the digital model and importable XML and CSV parts list . No physical bricks are included, but can be acquired from LEGO directly or other sources such as or similar. No stickers are included; any renders that contain decals or other non-printed brick pieces are simply for design modeling purposes are are not included with the design files.

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1 review for The Bubble Ship

  1. inada (verified owner)

    The first M.O.C. I bought ever. Sceptical at first, I now built it and can fully recommend it to potential other buyers.

    It’s a legit design with no major flaws. I enjoyed building this bubbleship and it does look amazing, even without any decals. I still have some advise for others.

    The look of the knobs in step 130 of the instruction made it hard for me to be sure what to do. There might (or might not) be a TINY mistake in the instructions. But it was easy to figure it out (maybe I just misread the instructions anway). Just in case:
    When building the engines, I think at steps 128 and 129, you probably need to turn those two outer parts 180 degrees. Otherwise you get either an issue at step 146 or 151. Anyway worry not: The result in the end is as advertised.

    The cockpit part was my least favorit part to build, because it is the least stable part of the whole model (but stable enough!).
    Make sure to not push the black lever (seen at step 176) too far into the hull of the ship at step 184. You need it to stick out far enough to securely attach the cockpit to the hull. I pushed it too far in and could not pull it out by hand…
    Lego minifigures do fit into the cockpit, but are not easy to put in as space is scarce (Dune lego minifigures fit the oblivion theme perfectly btw). Overall the cockpit is still nice though. Maybe in a future iteration, stability could get slightly improved. I honestly don’t see how though and I am happy with the current result.

    Buying all parts from lego was not possible. Out of 414 parts I only got 378 from lego. That is not an issue, since other online stores (like bricklink) are your friends. But if you are stupid like me and buy the other parts from variouse sellers, shipment costs will exploede… Don’t be like me, be smart…
    Also if you are a first time M.O.C. buyer like me, you might want to know: It took me roughly 6 to 8 hours to order all parts.

    That is it. Again: I highly recommend the model.

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